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About Us

Eretz Nehederet [EN] (A Wonderful Land) was established in 2006 as an educational initiative for strengthening adults’ connection to the Land of Israel, their Jewish heritage and the justice inherent in the Zionist enterprise, which have become blurred for many Israelis.


Our goal: To renew the Israel public’s love for their country, and reinforce the connection between land, people and spirit.


Our method: Hiking, tours and workshops based on walking in the footsteps of our predecessors, visiting heritage sites, unmediated contact with the varied people and many population sectors that constitute Israeli society, and who express Zionist activism and civil involvement today.


Our activities: Since its establishment, EN has run hundreds of tours and workshops, imparting a love of the land in tens of thousands of participants.


Today, EN’s activity is focused on developing and promoting the Heritage Gift - Heritage Gift  -  program.

Prominent activities

  • During Passover 2007, we brought approximately 5000 visitors to the Golan Heights on a single day.
  • During Sukkot 2007, we brought a large number of people, by bus, motorcycle and private car, on a trip in the footsteps of the biblical and Zionist stories of the Gush Etzion and Herodion region.
  • Every Friday for several months in 2007-8, we made buses available so that members of the public from around Israel could visit the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip for historically-oriented tours that breathed life into the saying, “All Israel is responsible for one another.”
  • We provided support for dozens of workshop-tours for IDF soldiers that focused on the love of the Land of Israel and learning about its history.
  • We place special emphasis on reaching out to new immigrants by employing and training Russian-speaking tour guides, by designating specific tours for new immigrants, organizing special tours introducing them to the history of the Jewish people in its land, and the modern revival of Jewish sovereignty.
  • In 2008, we initiated the Heritage Gift program, a gift to recently discharged IDF soldiers that expresses our appreciation for their service. The gift is a journey into their Israeli identity, in the footsteps of the historical and Zionist heritage. It also introduces them to and deepens their familiarity with the many sectors and minorities of Israeli society.


The Heritage Gift is carefully constructed with the assistance of professionals from many disciplines, under the careful supervision of a Steering Committee (add the names of committee members here) of experts in the history of the Land of Israel.


In 2011-12, two pilots trips, for 65 participants in total, were run to test the Heritage Gift program. After the pilots were completed, time was invested in processing and implementing the feedback received about the program, in order to transform the Heritage Gift into a national program.


Beginning in 2013, the Heritage  Gift has been EN’s leading program. We are in contact with the relevant government offices and public organizations, in order to make this program a national gift, available to everyone who completes service in the IDF.

In June 2014, we ran a pilot in conjunction with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. The mix of participants was 75% immigrants and 25% native-born Israelis. It was a success and we intend to continue this cooperation.


Good progress is being made the develop a follow-up program for the Heritage Gift, Continuing Together, which is designed to bridge social gaps by creating a mixed society brought together by love for the land. This program has benefited from the cooperation of economic leaders and mayors.


Members of the Executive Committee

Mrs. Smadar Bat Adam Levitan, Chairperson and CEO (Volunteer)

Mr. Rafi Mida, Member

Mr. Rami Haddad, Member 

Mrs. Ruthie Schwartz, Member

Adv. Nati Birenboim, Member

Mr. Zeev Gelber, Member

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